Do I get any Autographs included in the ticket price?

Inside your convention pack you will find an ‘Autograph Sheet’. This sheet is the only way to obtain your autographs included in the main ticket price. Upon entry to the signing zone please have your items ready for signing, if you want a dedication why not write this on a post it note to make it easier for the guest.

The steward on hand will take your autograph sheet for the guest/s you want to see entitling you to obtain your inclusive autographs. You can buy extra autographs from the Ticket Office. Autographs are called in GROUP LETTER look for the large A1 Flip Charts and on-screen Announcements.

Only go up when your LETTER has been called. Please do not pose for photographs as this slows down the queue, think of the other attendees waiting in line behind you!

Please Note: While we try to get everyone through we can not guarantee an INCLUSIVE autograph from each guest.

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