What is ‘The Lounge’?

The Lounge tickets are on sale from the Ticket Office. You may only purchase lounge tickets when you have registered for the event and have your convention badge and wristband. Not all guests will be doing a lounge session which is why we do not pre-sell the tickets before the event.

The Lounge is a prime opportunity for you to get up close to the guests, usually there are no more than 40 people in this room, unlike in a large hall with 1000 plus attendees! Ask the questions you want, get a direct response from the actors! We have also removed the tables and chairs so it is less like a boardroom, instead we will have chairs in a circle.

The Lounge will last around 20 or 30 minutes. Sorry no children under 10 are allowed in the coffee lounge sessions. Please note recording of the coffee lounge sessions is strictly prohibited! Lounge tickets range in prices depending on the guest appearing.

Occasionally we may raffle tickets for certain guests attending the event.  This was certainly the case for the main leads of the shows.

We feel this is a fairer way for attendees to be able to interact with the main guests and ensures the safety of all so there are no stampedes for the few tickets available.  It’s also a great way to raise funds for charity.

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