Can I have my photograph taken with the guests?

We all like souvenirs from a day out, either at the beach, on holiday or when visiting a theme park. As such at our events we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to have your photo taken by a professional photographer.

The Photo Studio is a prime opportunity for you to get a high quality colour print with your favourite actors. You can buy Photo Studio Tickets from the Ticket Office or via email when available. Many photo sessions will be planned for over the weekend however we also would expect you to be reasonable and think about other attendees and on some of the bigger guest photo shoots you may only be allowed in once during that particular photo session to allow as many attendees as possible to obtain a photo.

Please make sure you know when and where they are being held, and that you make every effort to attend any photo session you have booked.

Photo Studio Sessions will be called in GROUP letter order, until your group is announced please do not queue as this causes congestion and makes it difficult for us to control crowds. Tickets are non-transferable between sessions. If you miss your allotted session, you may lose your opportunity to have your photo taken with the guest.

If you are in the autograph session at the time of your photos, it is advised that you leave that session when possible, go to the photo studio who will endeavour to put you through quickly, before returning to the autograph room.

Our photo studio staff are all extremely experienced and will ensure that announcements are made around the event so that you know what is happening.

Please note, “final call” means you have very little time to arrive at the photo studio, and you run the risk of the session closing. If you do miss a session inform a member of the photo studio staff immediately, who will advise you what to do next.

From July 2013 we will be uploading photos from future and previous events for you to buy as digital downloads or reprints.

VERY IMPORTANT: Photo images on the website can not be saved by right clicking and the large view has a watermark covering almost 80% of the photo.

However we understand some people may still wish not to have their photo included on the website, you can request it to be removed, please use the contact page on the Rogue Events Digitals website ONLY make sure you give us the correct DSC or JPEG number.

Please Note: The photos are printed on 10×8 paper and will be ready for collection by the end of the event, you need to collect your photo at the event. Any uncollected photos will not be posted out. 

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