What facilities are there at your events if I have a health condition or impairment?

Rogue Events run a number of conventions every year and we like to believe that all attendees are part of our extended network of friends. As such we don’t have strict rules when it comes to attendees with health conditions or impairments, we trust and expect attendees to be honest with us at the events. For this reason we offer a very simple access program.

If you have a health condition or impairment we will try to make every reasonable adjustment to aid you in enjoying our events.

The function rooms we use within the hotel have access for wheelchair users. Where they do not we will offer every possible access for wheelchair users or those who find it difficult to walk alternative arrangements.

We provide limited space towards the front of the main hall for wheelchair users and those who find it difficult to walk. Please note these are not front row seats. If you need front row seats these can be purchased from the ticket office at the event if available.

There are no strobe effects during the stage talks however there maybe short intro videos and flash photography at the beginning of the stage talks which may affect some attendees who suffer from epilepsy & other visual light stimulation effects.

If you require a carer to support your attendance at the event, you can nominate another attendee or the option of a carer’s ticket for a nominal fee, which will be waived on production of documentation detailing their status as your legally registered carer.

Carers may attend the event with you, but are not eligible for autographs or photo ops unless they have bought a full price ticket.

Details of the venue’s accessibility are available from the hotel itself, the flooring is a mixture of marble/wood and short carpet. Please contact the hotel regarding facilities in the bedrooms. There may be alternative routes you can use please ask a member of the team for further information. 

We also ask you to complete our access program contact form on our website.

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