What are the party themes?

We are pleased to announce our party themes for 2016. So get your thinking cap on and come up with some amazing costumes, competitions will run on both nights of each convention.

Entry is FREE to all attendees as long as you wear your event wristband and show it at the door.

We ask that you abide by the hotel’s wishes and if asked for proof of ID please have it ready or you may not be served. The hotel offers a discount on drinks from the bar inside the main hall only. Alcohol purchased from outside the hotel is not permitted in the main hall, you could be asked to leave if you bring your own alcohol to the disco.

The night photo studio will be on both Friday and Saturday night (subject to photographer availability).

Check our website for more detailed information.

Pirates and Princesses - Friday 22nd April
Enchanted Forest – Saturday 23rd April

Asylum 16
Rock of Ages - Friday 6th May
Night at the movies – Saturday 7th May

The City of Heroes 2
Video Game High School – Friday 13th May
Marvel Vs DC - Saturday 14th May

Cult favourites - Friday 17th June
Wedons Prom - Saturday 18th June

Insurgence 8
High School Disco - Friday 10th June
Vampire Ball -Saturday 11th June

Wolfs Bane 4
TBC - Friday 16th September
TBC – Saturday 17th September

Asylum 17
TBC - Friday 28th October
TBC – Saturday 29th October

Storybrooke 2
TBC - Friday 18th November
TBC – Saturday 19th November



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