Do I get tickets sent to me in the post?

We do not send out tickets via the post, instead we will send an E-ticket please note this can be up to TWO weeks before the event, please check your spam folder or add a rule to allow emails from Rogue Events.

E-tickets are sent out in batches. Once all e-tickets have been sent an announcement will be made on our website and social media feeds.

Please do not submit a support ticket but watch out for announcements.

This will have all the information we need to process your registration such as your badge number and group letter.

You need to bring the e-ticket and some proof of ID such as a Driving License or household bill, if you have no printer then a smart phone with an email client showing the e-ticket will be accepted.

If you have misplaced your e-ticket then along with the your Order form and ID you will also need to bring proof of payment there will be a special desk for you to attend.

IMPORTANT we send confirmations with your badge number to the email address on the order form therefore PLEASE make sure you give us a working email address when you place order.

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