What time is Registration?

This normally starts at around 12pm on Friday and 8am on Saturday, we will get through the registration process as soon as possible, what really helps is if you remember your eticket as it has your Badge Number/Group Letter and take notice of any instructions given to you on the day.

Registration is divided into times depending on your group letter.

When you register at the events you will be given your convention booklet, registration badge, wristband, lanyard, schedule and autograph sheet.

Please ensure that your badge can be seen at all times or you may be refused entry to certain areas of the convention. Keep your autograph card safe; if you lose it, we are unable to replace it.

There is a schedule for you to refer to, with times and locations of events. There is a lot to pack in over the weekend and we would hate for you to miss something.

Please also bookmark our convention guide.

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