Can I bring a camera or a video to take pictures of the guests during the talks?

You can bring a camera to take pictures during the talks however, you may use flash photography for the first 5 minutes of each guest talk, then there will be an on-screen notice that you stop.

You may still continue to take photos of the talk but it must be without the flash. If you continue to use flash photography, Rogue Events reserve the right to confiscate your camera until after that talk has finished.

Please note that Video or Audio recording of the event is NOT permitted at any of our events in the Main Hall or where ever there are Guest Talks. If you are found to be recording the event you will be ejected from the event without a refund. This includes streaming the event on the internet.

Please note: if you have purchased a DVD from a previous events, under no circumstances are you allowed to distribute the footage on YouTube or any other video hosting website. Anyone found to be doing this will be dealt with as strongly as possible within the law. You will be banned from all events run by Rogue Events and any other conventions we are involved with permanently. WE NO LONGER PRODUCE OR SELL DVDs FROM OUR EVENTS.

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    Ac Angels17

    Can I ask why you stopped producing and selling DVDs of the event? :)

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