I have lost or deleted my e ticket, can it be replaced?

Attendees may not have their e tickets for a number of reasons. Unfortunately due to the amount of e tickets issued we are unable to reissue you with your e-ticket once it has been sent.

E tickets are sent to the email address on the original order form. Unless we receive a bounce back we take this as the e ticket has been delivered.

However this does not mean you cannot attend all you need to do is bring proof of payment and ID to the missing e-ticket desk at the convention you are attending. It's very straight forward.

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    Roy K Fahey

    If you have access to a computer, visit the manage a booking page. Your itinerary and your electronic ticket booking reference will be available here for you to print out.

    If you are at the airport, simply go to the Emirates check-in desk or sales desk with your passport and flight details. Our agent will print out your ticket details to accompany your boarding card if this is required. There is no charge for this.

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