What is a carers pass and how do I get one?

If you require a carer to support your attendance at the event, you can nominate another attendee or there is the option of a carer's ticket for a nominal fee, which will be waived on production of documentation detailing their status as your legally registered carer.
We trust and expect attendees to be honest with regards to carers passes. If we find they are being abused we reserve the right to ask for the pass back without a refund and ask you to leave the convention along with the attendee.
  • You can only attend when the full ticket holder is present
  • Only one carers pass per attendee is allowed
  • Carers may attend the event with you, but are not eligible for autographs or photo ops unless they have bought a full price ticket
  • Carers passes can be collected at the convention from the access program desk usually located near the ticket office.

We also ask you to complete our access program contact form on our website.

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    Evie Gray

    Last year I received a wristband after a kind steward noticed standing was causing me pain (I walk with a stick and have a damaged spine) to avoid me having to stand in long queues for autos/photo's. Will these be available again at I7? Thank you x

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