Do you have an app or online guide for each convention?

We will publish a website specifically designed for mobile platforms for each event, this will have similar information to what is in your booklet such as a map, schedule and information on the event as well as an embedded twitter feed.

We may post on there during the weekend however the usual updates will still be fed through twitter as normal. You will also be able to send us comments and don’t forget you can use free WiFi in the hotel lounge areas using a code from reception.

We chose a website as writing a specific app for all the different OS’ out there can be costly. You can get access to it here or simply type into your mobile browser.

Remember this has been designed for your smaller devices such as phones and tablets, although it will still work on a laptop.

You can also save it to your mobile home screen. To save on Android simply use the Add to Home screen option from the Menu tab in your mobile browser while iOS users can access the same option through their bookmarks button. On both OS’ you may receive a pop up when logging on for the first time suggesting to add it to your home screen.

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