How many attendees can be in a photo?

Due to time limits and safety we restrict the number of attendees in anyone photo op, please see below and if you have any questions see a crew member at the event. 

  • 1 Guest  = 2 attendees maximum in the photo op
  • 2 or 3 guests = 2 attendees maximum in the photo op
  • 4 guests or more = 1 attendee maximum in the photo op
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    Hello! Me and my friend wanna have a picture together with a guest (for example Lana Parrilla). Does each of us need a photo op ticket or do we just need one?

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    Siddiqah Bholat

    Hi my friend and I ordered a ticket at different times so is it most likely for photos we will be called out in different groups etc but I'd like a shared photo with her and the guests, is that possible?

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